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Mission Statement:

"The best work begins on the best foundation."

At Hudson Highland, we make:

Exquisitely responsive painting surfaces

that help you to produce your most beautiful artworks;
Innovative and intelligently designed art panels
that help you to produce exceedingly durable art.

At Hudson Highland, we think about archival quality art supplies a little bit differently than other manufacturers. We believe that you deserve more than just durable art panels. That's why we make exceptionally responsive painting surfaces which give you outstanding control of paint application. We believe that the best painting surfaces should help you to make your best paintings. After all, the first step in ensuring a long-lived painting is to make a great artwork. And your materials should help you to do that.

Providing durable materials is not enough. We focus on "paintability" and making the art-making process better. We focus on adhesion, and ensuring the most tenacious and permanent bonding of your colors to the panel, so that you can make artworks that will withstand the test of time.

An art panel may last forever, but if the painting made on it doesn't, then it hasn't met its purpose. A slab of Teflon or stainless steel may last for an eternity. Unfortunately, your paints won't stick to them for very long. The panel, the ground, and the paint must work together as a system. We believe that a panel maker must share with the painter in the responsibility of making them into a cohesive, archivally durable artwork.

A panel is more than simply a base for a painting. Like an artist's colors, it becomes a part of the artwork. Like a painter's brushes, it is a tool that helps bring the art into being. And like a frame, it protects the art over time. Many suppliers can provide you with bases. At Hudson Highland, we strive to be your partner in art-making.





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