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  Compare Panels:
    compare Primewood to Solid Ground Panels - comparison chart
      compare wood panels to plastic panels - which is better?
    compare Primewood to other brands of panels
      compare the appearance of hardboard panels to Primewood Thin MDF art panels
      compare panel surfaces: how smooth is too smooth?
    compare Primewood to home made panels
    make it stick - adhesion: the most important feature in any art panel
    painting on ... plastic?


  Primewood Panels:
  Primewood introduction - product highlights
    about Primewood Panels - product description
          note on microtextures
      wood panel science information index - "a wood panel library"
        wood panel glossary
          fiberboard comparison chart
        deterioration of wood panels
          tips on sealing panels and panel edges
        advanced primers


  Solid Ground Panels:
  Solid Ground introduction - product highlights
    about Solid Ground Panels - product description
      Solid Ground Q and A index
        media considerations:
          egg tempera
          pastel washes using alcohol
          colored grounds; tinting SG panels
        cutting and framing SG panels
          cutting SG panels
          bracing, mounting, frameless hanging
          framing options
        1999 improvements


  Palettes - Great New Ergonomic Palettes - Under developement!!!


  ordering Hudson Highland products:
    Ordering Department: our ordering directory
      information for placing orders:
        PRIMEWOOD Panels
        SOLID GROUNDArtist Panels for painting
        SOLID GROUND Pastel Panels
      price lists: (each one opens in its own window)
        SOLID GROUNDArtist Panels for painting
        SOLID GROUNDPastel Panels
      order forms:
        Online order form - place your order on line
        Printable order form - printable form for mail or fax ordering


    optics of panel painting - some easy-to-understand science
        painting panels: mission statement - it's what we do


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  contact us - contact information for Hudson Highland - email your panelmaker


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