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A Better Alternative to Gesso Panels — Archival Quality Art Supplies

Superior Wooden Art Panels

Thomas Cole "View Near the Village of Catskill" 1827 - oil on panel


The Finest Wood Panels Made
Shipped Directly To Your Studio
Exquisite Surfaces - Advanced Materials & Design


PRIMEWOOD: A Truly Better Wood Panel

Combining the most durable
wooden substrates available with a superior primer and design,
are the most archivally durable wooden art panels ever produced.
These remarkable art panels provide exceptional permanence and stability.
Our exclusive primer will ensure an extended life span for your artwork.
Panel surfaces are exquisitely responsive to your brush.
Highly receptive to most types of artists' paints and techniques,
they were designed to work better, and to last longer!

Better Wood - Better Primer - Better Preparation
More Durable - Stronger Adhesion - Better Brush Control


Physical Properties:
  • PRIMEWOOD Panels are 1/4" thick, archival quality,
    thin Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
  • PRIMEWOOD PLUS Panels are 5/8" thick, rigid, self-reinforced sandwich panels
    (two 1/8" MDF fiberboards on a core of ultra-light end-grain balsa)
  • Beautifully primed on all surfaces. Dull white, smooth, dead-matte, baked-on finish

  • Maximum archival permanence and durability in a wooden panel
  • The most durable wood substrates available
  • Our exclusive, archival urethane primer provides unparalleled adhesion, seal, and durability
  • Beautiful, smooth surfaces for more controlled brushwork not slippery!
  • Won't wear out your brushes like many wood primers
  • Orders shipped quickly from stock, directly to your door
  • Available in a wide range of popular sizes
  • Reasonably priced
  • 2 versions: Lightweight PRIMEWOOD and rigidly reinforced PRIMEWOOD PLUS
  • Pre-primed and ready-to-paint in any media
    (can also be over-coated with your own primer
    for those who prefer colored or absorbent grounds)
  • Light-years ahead of true gesso panels, MasoniteŽ boards, plywood
  • Artworks that look better and last longer
  • We sweat the details so you won't have to!
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