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Ordering Information

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SOLID GROUNDTM is available in Standard Panels or Full Custom Panels (custom finished). The main difference is in the choice of finish textures (surface finishes), and also in options involving edge treatment. Standard Panels are considerably less expensive, and are probably the most appropriate choice for upwards of 95% of our customers.


Our Artist Panels are now 1/4" (6mm) thick (as of Jan. '04). They are quite rigid, but they have sufficient flexibility to resist warping and cracking. Other thicknesses can sometimes be special ordered; feel free to inquire.


Each panel is made-to-measure, in any size rectangle or square that you request. Fractions of an inch are no problem. (Note: when calculating prices for fractional sizes, round all linear measurements UP to the nearest inch before multiplying: For example, a 6 " x 10" panel is priced as 7" x 10" [70 sq. in.].) The price list shows some common sizes, as well as size ranges in which you can locate any sizes that are not listed. My current size limit is 48" x 96"*. Panels over 35" x 45" usually require a crating fee, and large panels which are over 45" in both length and width need especially elaborate crating.
( * - Subject to change. Custom finishes are not available on panels over 26" x 40".)


We offer two standard panel finishes, as well as four custom finishes. We recommend that you start by trying one of our standard finishes, which are appropriate for the vast majority of painting styles. If you then find that you need more or less drag against your brush stroke ("grab") or even less texture, you can fine-tune the panels to your touch by trying one of our custom finishes on your next order. All finishes have a fibrous nap and very tiny fissures which vary in size, according to finish, from nearly imperceptible to slightly noticeable in the coursest textures. The panels are non-absorbent, but they give a feeling of absorbency due to capillary action which draws paint off of your brush and into the surface texture.

All of our finishes are basically flat, smooth surfaces; none are bumpy or pebbly. The differences are mostly in their "feel": how they accept paint from the brush. Looked at under magnification, you can see that the surfaces are actually a dense network of tiny fissures, which give the panels their unique workability and almost "soft" feeling. The Custom Finishes have an over-all, every-which-way arrangement of fissures. The Standard Finish has fissures arranged in very dense, parallel alignment.

Standard Finishes:

Custom Finishes:

  • Vellum Finish - Our smoothest surface, almost slick. For meticulous paint application only; may provide inadequate adhesion for some applications! Check for suitability.
  • Kid Finish - Silky Smooth with a very fine, soft nap. (Our original surface.)
  • Suede Finish - A smooth drawing paper-like texture, with a noticeable nap. Provides a bit more drag to your brush stroke than "Kid Finish".
  • Buck Finish - Like starched flannel, with a noticeable "grab". Provides a slight dry-brush feel. Excellent for rich, broad paint application. Not recommended for paints with "water-thin" consistency.

Relative visual smoothness and drag of our various finishes


The edges of our panels can be either Saw-Cut or Hand Finished:

Saw-Cut edges generally show slight markings from the saw blade. In addition, the edges may sometimes show discoloration, scuff marks, small dents and slight chipping. These are confined to the very edge of the panel and are not noticable inside of a frame. If desired, you can easily smoooth out or clean up the appearance of these edges by yourself, using a piece of sandpaper on a hard block. Saw cut edges cost less than hand finished.

Hand Finished edges are an attractive "extra" on our panels. They have smoothed flat sides, champhered (gently beveled) edges and lightly blunted corners, which give the panels a more hand-made appearance. This may be preferable in some cases where the panels will be exhibited without frames.

Our Full Custom Panels come with Hand Finished edges. Our Standard Panels come with Saw-Cut edges unless Hand Finished edges are requested as an option. See Price List for details.


Edge treatment:

Standard Panels

Full Custom Panels

Saw-cut Edges standard - n.a. -
Handfinished Edges optional always



All panels are made-to-order to suit your particular needs. Standard Panels usually ship within one week, Full Custom Panels in about 2 - 3 weeks. Will advise.


All prices are as shown on the price list. No quantity breaks or discounts apply unless specifically advertised.


Most orders ship via UPS. Shipping charges, usually 6 - 10% of the order, vary greatly depending on size, distance, number of pieces per package, etc. I will quote you a shipping charge before you send your check! (NOTE: Large sizes may incur a crating charge.)


Orders of less than $50.00 (tax and shipping not incl.) will incur a Minimum Order Charge of $8.00. (Waived on first order.)


All panels are custom made and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Please try a small size for suitability before placing a large order or committing to a commission!


When possible, please place your order using our On Line order form.
You may also order by phone, fax, mail, or email.
I will acknowledge all orders before production, confirm pricing and order details including shipping costs, and advise on lead time (average 2 - 3 weeks).
FAX or PHONE orders to: (845) 338-8603


Please make all payments by mail, with either check or money order. Payments are due and should be made upon receipt of our Order Acknowledgment. Please do not send any payment until you have received either a written or a formal verbal acknowledgment from Hudson Highland!

59 O'Neil Street, Kingston, New York 12401
Paul Solomon, Panelmaker

Phone / Fax: (845) 338-8603



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