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Colored Grounds and Tinting Solid GroundTM Panels

Solid Ground Panels can be easily tinted to achieve just the color that
you need, using a wide range of mediums. Both the Artist Panels and
the Pastel Panels can be tinted.

The process is as simple as applying thin washes of color in whatever
type of paint best suits your needs. Thin washes of acrylic are perhaps
the easiest to work with, and suit a variety of uses. Oil washes can
also be applied as an underpainting, as can watercolor, egg tempera,
or whichever medium that you plan to work in!

In all cases, applying multiple coats of very faint washes will be the
best way to achieve the exact color that you want, will provide the
most uniform coverage, and will leave the surface texture closest to
it's original state. I find that the easiest way to apply the colors evenly
is with a sponge, but a wash brush can be used successfully as well.

Applying transparent washes of different hues will give a more
complex color than multiple washes of the same paint.

Pastel Panels can be tinted using either the white panel or the colored
panels as your base. To get a dark background, starting with a darker
colored panel will involve using less paint and therefor running less
risk of clogging the "tooth" of the panel. If a dark background is
your goal, you might also want to consider using one finish grade
rougher than you ordinarily would. You might also want to
try using a pastel / alcohol wash. For details, see our page
on Painting With Pastel and Alcohol.


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