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Use of Egg Tempera on Solid GroundTM Panels

Egg tempera paints can be used very successfully on Solid Ground panels.
Egg tempera bonds very well to Solid Ground, and gives beautiful results.
However, since there are some very major differences between Solid Ground panels
and traditional rabbit skin glue gesso panels, some large differences in finished results and
working techniques should be considered when deciding if Solid Ground panels are right for you.

Traditionally, egg tempera is applied to a very absorbent ground, and most artists'
working techniques are built around that fact. Since Solid Ground is essentially
non-absorbent, the differences in application are large, and some tempera artists
find the differences to be too great. Others are grateful for the differences,
and enjoy using Solid Ground because of the possibilities that it opens up for tempera use.

Since the egg binder is not absorbed into the panel, the paint generally
takes somewhat longer to dry, and sets up more slowly. The colors appear to be
relatively more "on" the surface than "in" it, and they tend to dry a bit shinier as well.
The traditional quick drying and rapid overworking associated with egg tempera,
beloved by many and frustrating to others, are somewhat elongated with Solid Ground panels.

For artists who are just starting to work in egg tempera, the differences
should prove very interesting. For established egg tempera painters, expect to do some
experimenting and fiddling with your techniques. If you're looking for some new options,
Solid Ground may be just the thing for you. If the thought of making changes to your
techniques is frightening, then they may not be!

Finally, if you are looking for an archivally advanced panel but still want
a very absorbent ground, consider coating Solid Ground panels with a product
made by Golden Artist Colors called "Absorbent Ground". It is an acrylic
emulsion coating that can be applied to surfaces to give a slightly, or very,
absorbent painting ground, and can be applied directly to Solid Ground panels
with good results. If you'd like, you can click this link to Golden where you can get
information about this product:
You can also find dealers who stock it listed on our Links page.


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