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Fine Art Panels For Discerning Artists — Archival Quality Art Supplies

Asher B. Durand "Kaaterskill Clove" [detail] 1866

Makers and suppliers of distinctive painting surfaces:

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PRIMEWOODtm Superior Wood Panels

By huge popular demand, we are very pleased to offer our new,
moderately priced, advanced design wooden art panels for painters.
PRIMEWOODtm panels are the most archivally durable wood panels ever made.
We use the most stable wood and a revolutionary new kind of primer.
Our primer chemistry and application method provide an impermeable barrier to
tightly seal the wood cells of the panel, greatly increasing the life span of your artwork.
A delight to paint on, our wooden panels are smooth but not slippery,
allowing superb paint handling and precise brush control
without the excessive brush wear caused by so many other primers.
These are wood panels designed for the 21st century – and many more to come.

"Kindred Spirits" - Asher B. Durand - 1849 [detail - William Cullen Bryant & Thomas Cole] A.B. Durand - Kindred Spirits - 1849
"Kindred Spirits" - Asher B. Durand - 1849 [detail - Kaaterskill Clove]
"Kindred Spirits" - Asher B. Durand - 1849 [detail - cliff face]
"Kindred Spirits" - Asher B. Durand - 1849 [detail - birches]

SOLID GROUNDtm Artist Panels and Pastel Panels

are hand crafted, custom made, art supply panels.
Made especially for discerning users of art supplies,
these uniquely designed panels are composed entirely
of specially selected plastic polymers and fine pigments.
As their name suggests, each one is formed as a solid piece,
rather than as a multi-layered, gesso "ground"-coated board.
SOLID GROUNDtm panels are designed to be exceptionally durable.
Their surfaces are exquisitely responsive to your touch, and bond
tenaciously with your colors. Ordered directly from your panelmaker,
you'll receive panels that are tailor-made to suit your needs and preferences.
For pastel artists, and painters in oil, acrylic, encaustic, egg tempera and more.

New improved versions now available!
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Premium Quality Painting Surfaces

Our panels enable artists to produce their most outstanding works!
Now you can offer collectors a great alternative to works on canvas,
pastel paper, Masonite boards, or gesso panels.
Artworks made on our archival quality panels bring interest from
discerning art buyers and increase the market value of your work.
I'm sure that you'll enjoy working on our panels,
and benefit from using them.

"Kindred Spirits" - Asher B. Durand - 1849 [detail - cascade]
panel back ground;
panel bottom;

Hudson Highland Artist Materials

is a small company dedicated to the craft of fine panelmaking.
We believe that our products are the best panels made – anywhere.
We make them with exacting care and great pride.
You can be confident that you will receive thoughtfully designed,
beautiful, meticulously crafted panels.

Whether you're shopping for art supplies or just browsing,
I hope that you'll look over the extensive information on our website.
Then give me a call! I love to talk about painting panels, art surfaces, and art supplies,
and I'll be happy to answer your questions or help you in any way that I can.
Thanks for your interest!

Paul Solomon, Panelmaker

Painting Panels: Read our Mission Statement

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Hudson Highland Artist Materials
59 O'Neil Street • Kingston, NY 12401
Phone / Fax: (845) 338-8603
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